Less Lethal Shotgun

The less lethal shotgun is a Benelli Nova, pump-action shotgun which is always loaded with less than lethal beanbag rounds. It is most often used on an uncooperative suspect or civilian. The specially designated less lethal shotgun is necessary to eliminate errors that can occur from individually loading lethal or less than lethal munitions into the same weapon. To remind the operators that this particular weapon is only to be loaded with less than lethal ammunition, it has been painted green.

The beanbag ammunition provides a powerful blunt force impact on the target. This causes extreme pain and disorientation.

Auto Fire No
Single Shot Fire Yes
Burst Fire No
Rate of Fire 1
Muzzle Velocity 407.68 m/s
Ammunition Beanbags
Stuns 21
Shots Fired 46
Accuracy % 45.65%