AK-47 Machinegun

The AK-47 was developed in the Soviet Union in 1947 and became standard issue in the Soviet army in 1951. It has remained in service in many third world armies as well as terrorist organizations around the world due to its dependability and the ease at which it can be maintained. It has a slower rate of fire and lower muzzle velocity than the Colt M4A1, but uses a higher caliber bullet which makes it comparable to its American counterpart at short ranges. Since the weapon is not normally used by SWAT it is not equipped with a tactical flashlight.

Auto Fire Yes
Single Shot Fire Yes
Burst Fire No
Rate of Fire 1
Muzzle Velocity 723.72 m/s
Ammunition FMJ, JHP
Kills 1478
Shots Fired 14789
Shots Hit 2269
Accuracy % 15.34%
Longest Kill Distance 32.98 m