9mm SMG

This 9mm sub-machine gun is designed by a world renowned german manufacturer. It is preferred by many para-military groups throughout the world for urban tactical engagements. Firing either full metal jacket or jacketed hollow point 9mm ammunition it is versatile, but lacks the stopping power of an assault rifle. Its key advantage is its compact design, which allows superior maneuverability in indoor situations. It is equipped with a fire mode selector allowing semi-automatic and three round burst firing modes.

Auto Fire No
Single Shot Fire Yes
Burst Fire Yes
Rate of Fire 1.33
Muzzle Velocity 403.70 m/s
Ammunition 9mm FMJ, 9mm JHP
Kills 186523
Shots Fired 2511421
Shots Hit 400720
Accuracy % 15.96%
Longest Kill Distance 50.06 m