Website updated

May 13th, 2014

After an extensive period of development (and lots of delays) the redesigned website and server mod are finally online.

There are lots of minor and major changes. The most obvious one I think is the revised stats system. Both Normal and Pistols Only server are now tracked by the Stats Tracker.

The server mod (Auto-Admin) has also been updated. It *should* run more stable and cause less lags. The bots have been improved. Some of the killstreak rewards have been updated. Some new commands have been added and some have been removed. I will soon post updated documentation on the website, as well as the source code (if there is any interest in it).

As you may have noticed, all this comes at a cost; the old stats have been lost. I know some people will be upset by this, but it was unavoidable due to the amount of technical changes that were necessary.

For historical purposes, here are some screenshots of the old Top 20 taken on May 12th 2014:

If you run into any bugs, have a suggestion or just something to say, let me know.