How to join the server

October 20th, 2012

Server IP:Port Alternative
Pistols Only

Make sure you have antics (anti-cheat) installed!

Need help connecting? Check out the options below.

HoP Launcher

  • Go to Downloads and download HoP Launcher (Direct link)
  • Extract the zip file, and open the file that's inside (hop_launcher.exe)
  • Choose the server you wish to join (Normal / Pistols Only) and enter your playername.
  • Press the "Launch!" button.

In-game via Direct IP

  • Start SWAT 4.
  • At the main menu screen, toggle the console by pressing the tilde (~) key on your keyboard.
  • To join the Normal server, enter: open
  • To join the Pistols Only server, enter: open


  • Download and install Xfire.
  • To join the Normal server, click here
  • To join the Pistols Only server, click here

Desktop shortcut

  • Create a new Shortcut on your Windows desktop (right mouse-click -> New -> Shortcut)
  • When it asks for the location, enter as below (but replace the full path to Swat4.exe with your own)
  • "C:\Program Files\Sierra\SWAT 4\Content\System\Swat4.exe"
  • Replace port with 10480 (Normal) or 10280 (Pistols Only)
  • Replace name with the player name you wish to have.

DExUS SWAT4 Server Browser Alternative

MarkMods In-game Serverlist Fix + ACM Mod

  • Download and install In-game Serverlist Fix + ACM Mod.
  • Start SWAT 4.
  • On the main menu screen, press "Join game" under the Multiplayer header.
  • Select HoP in the server list.
  • Press the "Join" button.