Ban ID 3391
Name OldPsycho
IP Address 94.228.xx.xx
Location Russia
Status Unbanned
Server Normal
Reason No recoil - caught cheating again for the 2nd time
Created 8 months ago by jayLORD
Last Modified 1 month ago by jayLORD

Comments (6)-

1 month ago
Perfect dolbaeb) You're at the computer then YAP)) Dirty animal) of the country 3 varieties)
8 months ago
ye i'm cheating with ur mom when ur dad leave... she is perfect, she have good future in porn videos, wish her good luck
8 months ago
yes right jay is cheater and he act like a virgin player haha stupid
8 months ago
Stupid video of stupid man! If it was No Recoil , then why is it anti-cheat is not determined Karma? So all of you cheaters again make a fool of people)
8 months ago
jayLORD 8 months ago

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